Friday, 10 February 2012

Loves me, loves me not!

I was recently introduced to lovely @FrankPI_14 that at the moment are working on a campaign for Isobar Mobile, one of the UK’s leading mobile marketing agencies. And as valentine is getting closer they have decided to launched a new campaign to help you figure out if he or she likes you! The concept draws from the traditional anxiety surrounding Valentines Day, the creative takes customers on a digital journey via their handsets and seeks to answer the eternal question, ‘Does s/he love me.
The experience begins as users are presented with Film noir themed posters across more than 300 high-profile sites in London and Manchester, promoting either a ‘Does He Love Me?’ or ‘Does She Love Me?’ title. Each poster features a QR code or URL call-to-action, which pushes consumers to a purpose built HTML5 site.

Does he love me? Enter here
Does she love me? Enter here
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Wish you all the best!


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