Thursday, 25 October 2012

The launch of Baptiste Giabiconi´s debut album in Paris

Most people when they think of Baptiste Giabiconi they think of a pretty face and those gorgeous eyes, but their´s more to this 22 year old then his amazing model career and the muse of Karl Lagerfeld. His passion has always been music. For him it was a way to forging bonds. He was raised by his single mother in Corsica, which thought him that nothing is served on a silver plate. Even though I didn´t understand most of the interview because it was in french, I sensed that warm personality that everyone had been talking about. When I went to congratulate him he shacked my hand and smiled kindly. 
It truly was a step closer to heaven. 

Thanks to and My major company Baptiste Giabiconi´s debut album, Oxygen is now in sale exclusively on 
I am already obsessed with the speed of light and tomorrow.

Baptiste and me
With the lovely Sophia from and like my city 
and the amazing UK socialite, blogger & TV presenter 
Prince Cassius
Check out his video here

Pictures and vidoe by and my major company and me

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