Thursday, 3 January 2013

PFW- Highlights Soul´s 10 soul

Soul´s 10 soul

Soul´s 10 sould couldn’t have picked a better location for their presentation.
Under each bit of rooftop there were models lined up, being styled and fixed upon by the crew. To one side we heard the sound of church music, the old munc sort, as to the other the sound of dripping raindrops. It was magical. It was mixes of sort of say everything. Some wore futuristic and geometric elements to their dresses, others were dressed straight up and down pieces in black and white with a hint of brown. There were shades of just white and cream, a gorgeous maxi coat and dresses and skirts with interesting types of layers. Flower printed suits combined with socks in sandals for daily wear and a maxi two coloured dress for evening.


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