Saturday, 22 June 2013

At the Grand Opening of L´avenue

Last week I attended the grand opening of L´avenue, a new premium and luxury shopping mall located on 99 Xianxia Rd. The celebration was spread throughout each floor of the giant luxury mall, where each independent brand hosted and celebrated their own store opening. We started at the store opening of BVLGARI, where Ms Jessica Chastain, two time academy award nominated actress made her appearance in a little blue dress. Towards the end, we joined the top floor which hosted an exclusive launch of this years newcomer, and much talked about "Tiny Times" based on a chronicle of books. There were exclusive interviews at stage with the actors and actresses from the movie, bubbles in the glass, lobster on the plate and a Dj who was playing till the end of the night. This evening was one of a kind. 


With Yanie from the marginalist  

The lovely girls from IFA and Devina (the middle) from summer and watermelon 

 Jessica Chastain

Pictures taken by The Marginalist and me

Many thanks to Elaine Zhu, Ink Pak communication and the team at BICG for an amazing evening

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