Monday, 12 May 2014

The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience, Shanghai 2014 Party of the year!

Stunning Jetset Collection presented by no other else then the amazing Michael Kors. The collection, tailored for any location, whether it would be a trip up to scandinavian mountains to go skiing or for a yacht vacation for a week in St Tropez, Mr Kors really though about everything. His new collecting was also not presented in a normal way. The catwalk was lifted up above us, background featuring the different landscapes with the use of special effect form of 3D, complimenting each look topped with drizzling props from the sealing. It was so alive. Supermodels Arthur Benjamin, Eidem Goose, Ji Hye Park, Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington Whiteley were all gliding glamorously down the runway. Among guests were Karmen Pedaru, Camilla Belle angelababy, Isabeli Fontana, Hilary Swank and Freida Pinto. Guest and celebrities were brought in from all over the world just for one night, as a true jet setter. 
Also many thanks to INK-Pak Pr
It is truly so far the party of the YEAR
Before taking off!
At the Shangri-la hotel, Jing An with these beautiful girls before we were brought to the airport

They brought in a real plane

me with  Freida Pinto
Me with Hilary Swank 
 Miranda Kerr in the front in a stunning red gown

 The finale silver star balloons falling from the sky
Last picture of the night ended up in the drizzling decoration, Selfishot, I just had to 

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  1. I do quite a few events in here and was thoroughly impressed. There were multiple levels in the same magnificent room overlooking the city.